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A World Beyond HR ThinkTank

May 16-17, 2018

In 2030 we will live in a world that very few people can actually imagine today. We humans struggle when it comes to imagining exponential development. Instead, we tend to grasp for linear thinking when asked about the future and extend the projection of past developments forward without adjusting the rate of change. Applied to the world of HR and personnel development in our companies, linear thinking would mean that HR departments in 2030, despite having grown more efficient in many ways, would still fit today's pattern at the core. In all likelihood, this would also make them obsolete.


Even beyond classic HR topics, emerging disruptions have the potential to sustainably turn our orientations and habits – our world – upside down. By 2030, artificial intelligences will already serve as managers for human staff. In places, wage labor will already be replaced by unconditional basic income. Occupations that we accept as the norm today will no longer exist, while new ones totally unfamiliar to us now will establish themselves. What will this mean for our culture, our society, for our daily lives?


A perceived external threat is likely the most effective driver for change. In large organizations, change has to be launched and driven from the top, and requires leadership that will enable each individual on staff to make their own contribution to the company's transformation. At first glance, this seems to contradict the wisdom of today's discussions about agile methods or "bottom-up" approaches. So how can both sides fit together?


Changes outside of the world of HR will have a tremendous influence on our future working environment. This leads to many questions. What will the HR department of the future look like? Or will it even exist? Thus we are extremely interested in developing a "World Beyond HR" together with you and other participants in the setting of a dedicated ThinkTank.


This ThinkTank will be a neutral platform where future trends and strategies can be discussed and developed into joint projects. As a member of our ThinkTank, we invite you join us twice per year for a 1.5-day ThinkTank session. The result of these meetings will be concrete projects that are then realized by ThinkTank members.  

Tickets for the World Beyond HR ThinkTank

Participation in the 2b AHEAD WORLD BEYOND HR ThinkTank is strictly by invitation only. Additionally, we have reserved a contingent of tickets which are kept open for application. Complete the following fields to apply. Our Participant Manager Laura Arndt will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Alternatively, please feel free to contact her directly.

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(1,5 workshop days with visionaries and industry players incl. access to all keynotes and panels for one of two annual think tank sessions, event documentation, catering during the event, and participation at dinner plus catering)

Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien

Annual Ticket: 2,500.00 euro (+ VAT) - unlimited availability.


(1,5 workshop days with visionaries and industry Players + incl. access to all keynotes and panels for both annual think tank sessions, event documentation, catering during the event, and participation at dinner plus catering)

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