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April 24-25, 2018

We futurists at 2b AHEAD are thrilled to have found in Volksbank Mittweida a partner who not only shares our picture of the future in many ways, but who is also already actively shaping the future today! Volksbank Mittweida is the founding patron of the BCCM Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida and is supporting the expansion of expertise at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences through a sponsored professorship in Digital Business and E-Entrepreneurship. With the background of these initiatives, we decided together with our partner to establish a think tank dedicated to exploring the future of finance and banking. 


What is currently being hyped as “the next big wave of disruption” in the world of fintech startups is not as disruptive as it sounds. Startups are making the sale of financial services products more efficient, faster, and more attractive. However, this will not endanger established business models in the finance sector. However, other attackers are currently straining at the starting line who will use technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence not only to redefine the sales principle of financial products, but also to offer new forms of payment and credit provision or innovative models for value representation.  

Finance & banking in the age of distributed ledger technology

Every day we hear about new cryptocurrencies, blockchain applications, or user communities that want to cut financial service providers out of the equation. And even a few months ago we felt nobody knew what "this blockchain" actually was. Even today, some decision makers take comfort in the Bitcoin bubble supposedly showing that cryptocurrencies are in fact toxic (while perhaps secretly hoping that the phantom will soon disappear). In reality, the opposite will be the case. The possible applications for data exchange between multiple parties on decentralized registers are by no means diminishing - they are increasing exponentially. And the blockchain is far from the only technology that is making this possible.

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So what do these technologies entail? Do they spell the end of banks and brokerage platforms alike? Or could it be that banks, financial service providers, and platform operators have a bright future thanks to these technologies? If so, how can they seize these opportunities? For which customer needs will blockchain, Ripple, Hashgraph pay off? How will these technologies change customer behavior? Aren't they also helping financial service providers to develop new products, open up new markets, or even create new ones? And providing greater security for customers whose business is affected by today's mechanisms for currency and commodity speculation? We will discuss these and many other questions with you at the first session of the Rethink Finance & Banking ThinkTank on April 24 & 25 in Mittweida, Germany. Together with you, we will develop solutions for the challenges you face today.


Why Mittweida? We are delighted that Volksbank Mittweida, together with 2b AHEAD, is organizing and hosting this think tank. The bank's commitment to new digital technologies is exemplary. Volksbank Mittweida is a founding sponsor of the Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida and is launching its own incubator which will produce several fintech startups every year.


Together with you, we look forward to inspiring personalities whose unique visions will show us the opportunities we only have to seize in order to remain successful in a restructured era of finance and banking. During our excursion to the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, we look forward to witnessing the simulation of a hacker attack on a blockchain system. And above all, we look forward to meeting you and to the opportunity of identifying the problems today's industry faces in an exclusive circle of leading innovators. Together, we will develop solutions based on tomorrow's technologies, and all that is left for you is to implement them!

We are extremely excited about answering these questions together with you and other participants. Together, we want to develop visions for the future world of financial services in the setting of a dedicated think tank. This think tank will be a neutral platform for companies in the DACH region where future trends and strategies can be discussed and developed into joint projects. As a member of our think tank, we invite you join us twice per year for a one-and-a-half-day think tank session. The result of these meetings will be concrete projects that are then realized by think tank members. 

Tickets for the FINANCE/BANKING ThinkTank

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(1,5 workshop days with visionaries and industry players + incl. access to all keynotes and panels for both annual think tank sessions, event documentation, catering during the event, and participation at dinner plus Catering)

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