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Sven Gábor Jánszky Bio

Sven Gábor Jánszky is the founder and chairman of the 2b AHEAD Think Tank. With numerous trend analyses and his trend books "2020","2025" and "The Recruiting Dilemma", he has been shaping the future strategies of many industries for ten years. With his strategy books "Rulebreaker - How people think, whose ideas change the world" and "The remeasurement of values", he has become the mouthpiece of lateral thinkers and innovators in the German economy. As a consultant, Jánszky coaches board members on strategy and business model development.




He is a sought-after interview expert in Germany's business media and keynote speaker at strategy conferences and congresses. On his initiative, innovative entrepreneurs and top managers have come together in the "RULEBREAKER Society" since 2013. They share the conviction that the important innovations in business and society are achieved through targeted rule-breaking.

Michael Carl Bio

Michael Carl is the Managing Director Research & Consulting of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. He is responsible for the methodical and content-related conception of future studies, supervises their realization and manages the strategy processes for the development of individual, customer-specific future studies.




He has studied theology and journalism and worked for decades for ARD. He was the personal assistant to an ARD radio director, built up the strategy department of an ARD institution and was responsible for major structural, strategy and HR projects. In his function as Managing Director Research & Consulting, Michael Carl is also responsible for the scientific further development of the shared vision of the future of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. He is also responsible for the idea of technological and social developments in the coming years, which will form the basis of all strategy projects as a "big picture". At the same time, he is a sought-after keynote speaker on trend and future topics.

Kai Arne Gondlach Bio

Kai Arne Gondlach is Senior Researcher at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. He develops and implements the future studies of 2b AHEAD and further develops the methods of the study area. In addition to scientific work at the institute, the keynote speaker inspires its listeners and lures them out of their comfort zone with uncomfortable forecasts. Finally, he develops innovative strategies and concepts in change projects with the customers of the think tank.




Prior to 2b AHEAD he studied sociology, politics and futurology in Potsdam and Berlin and worked as a freelance web developer and PC consultant for many years. He has held various positions in consulting companies and the corporate strategy of a major German mobility provider, and subsequently set up marketing and innovation management in a publishing start-up in Berlin. In his spare time he plays with guitar, piano and vocals, plays squash or discovers the world as a bicycle or backpacker.

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