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"I had the pleasure of enjoying your very refreshing speech — an absolute highlight; very interesting and exciting. Definitely something else for a change.""Congratulations on a very interesting online lecture!"

Klaus Hommer / Managing Shareholder / FutureScape® International



"I had the pleasure of enjoying your very refreshing speech — an absolute highlight; very interesting and exciting. Definitely something else for a change."

Robert Kelm / Relationship Manager Investment / UniCredit Bank AG



"It's the future's birthday today — thus begins the prologue of this extraordinary book by Sven Gábor Jánszky. He thoroughly deals with everyday life ten years from now. In doing so, he draws from the experience and the future visions of 300 trendsetting leaders of European companies whom he gathers for the ThinkTank every year, where they conceptualize the future ten years in advance. This book is an easy and entertaining read, yet nevertheless succeeds in delivering background knowledge about the most important trends of the next ten years. I really enjoyed the book."

Thomas Wenzel-Haberstock / IBM



"Great work! Big kudos to your team. I'm a huge fan."

Jörn Gornet / CEO / Capital5



"Thanks a lot for your persuasive work and the valuable analyses."

Mark Korzilius / Creator, Vapiano



"Your speech has been floating around my head since yesterday, and has given me a lot of material for questioning, considering, and asking about the meaning of things."

Brita Hanafy / Quality Management / Thomas Cook AG



"Your presentation at the Swiss Innovation Forum in Basel was stunning."

Dr. Oliver Gywat / Credit Suisse AG



"Your speech this evening was excellent! I was reminded of some of the best TED talks as you pulled the people in the audience under your spell and made the future something we could experience ... in the truest sense of the word."

Daniel N. Lang / Founder / velaia GmbH



"I've seen and listened to a lot of presentations, but yours was simply super — both rhetorically as well as professionally. I was simply overwhelmed at how a single speaker can enthrall so many people."

Helga Förster / SAP Forum



"The book deals with people, and an especially crazy class of people at that. The kind that causes critics to shake their heads, the kind whose tenacity leads entire industries to collapse. Innovation strategist Sven Gábor Jánszky describes, among others, upheavals in the pharmacy, advertising, and dictionary markets. Using the strategies of resourceful industry revolutionaries, he draws tips for skillful rule breaking. The goal: trailblazing innovations. An entertaining and informative book."

Harvard Business Manager



"Great results! Thanks a lot for the collaboration."

Roland Brezina / SAS Institute



"The feedback from audience members as well as from our leadership team was very positive and followed the basic thrust 'Best event in years!'"

Heinz Süess / Innovation Factory / Credit Suisse



"The extraordinary setup and the innovative formats sprinkled at regular intervals really impressed me. I definitely took, as hoped, a lot of inspiration home with me."

Dr. Christian Plenge / MGI Metro Group, Information Technology



"Wow ! Remarkable, true to life, and courageous."

Ulf Morys / Finance Director / Ubisoft GmbH



"Your view into the future, especially with regards to how our customers will behave in the future and what they will expect from us, sharpened the awareness of our participants for that and for the necessary change in our company it will mean. Your guided tour to the year 2025, equally exciting and entertaining, was an excellent introductions to our discussion about the topic "the future of insurance" that followed.

Dr. Christof Mascher / Chief Operating Officer / Allianz SE



"I heartily thank you for your captivating speech. You inspired our guests for the topic and gave us ideas that are urgently needed in our industry."

Dr. Dietrich Gemmel / CEO / RWE Effizienz



"Your presentation was not only extremely captivating and entertaining, but also gave us interesting and important inspiration for our convention, especially for our future political work in shaping the future of our capital."

Heiko Melzer / Parliamentary Manager / CDU Party Berlin








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