Impressions of the 2b AHEAD Draper Bootcamp

Interview with the Heroes from Draper University

Participants' statements



"I’m really surprised in a positive way. Above all, I wouldn’t have thought that you can work so well and so effectively in group as large as this one. You learn a lot, it’s very interesting, you can build a good network, and the turnout is great. It’s definitely been worth it to come here." - Robert


"The network idea stands out very powerfully. I have the feeling that there really is enormous potential here." - Max


"I think it’s totally fantastic. I have to say that real change is happening here – mutual inspiration through the group, vital ideas. I am super proud to be able to come here as part of the international team and look forward to the upcoming days full of disruptive ideas with German intellectual clarity and American spirit." - Linda


"All of the people here and everyone behind 2b AHEAD have been unbelievably open and likable so far. They’ve really gone out of their way for us and they’re always very interested in what you’re doing. Thanks also for the great organization!" - Paul


"I think it’s a wonderful program. For me, I’ve learned a lot." - Kwabena


"When we did the dance during the introduction, I felt the spirit right away and thought about how we Germans really can be a bit uptight. For me there’s no question that this motivational approach generates a totally different kind of drive." - Benedikt

Super Hero Oath of Draper University

The Black Swan Clause: I am bound to this oath unless in my travels I determine that the oath has somehow missed something important and extraordinary.


The Evangelism Clause: I will promote and add to the ongoing success of Draper University, its students, its faculty, its administration, and its facilities. I will help prepare the next generation of Superheroes.


The Superhero Clause: I will accept the lifelong obligation to hone my Superhero powers, and apply those Superhero powers to the good of the universes.



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